Landing JFK Runway 24R

Barry/ June 18, 2020/ Aviation Activities/ 0 comments

It’s a very long runway, properly the longest runway I have ever landed next to the runway at KRME. We landed JFK and then go LaGuardia and Newark Airport all at once during the pandemic. It is once of your lifetime chance to do this.

Flying a Mooney to Millville

Barry/ June 27, 2019/ Aviation Activities/ 0 comments

  Flying to Millville Airport to have a business meeting with Cumberland Office of Emergency Management this morning. Take off on 8:30Am from Lakewood and landed at KMIV runway 32 around 9:00am. En route altitude was 4500ft with fly following service started from McGuire Approach.  It was nice and smooth in the morning. The pilot lounge of Big Sky Aviation Service seems very nice. Retuned flight take off from KMIV around 2:30pm en route to N12 via Coyle VOR with flight following service started from Atlantic City Approach.  Got some turbulences and hit my head near Coyle area.  Tie down

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Flying to Cape May OEM

Barry/ June 13, 2018/ Aviation Activities/ 0 comments

  Lakewood to Cape May This is an ordinary flight for work.  I took off from Lakewood Airport around 9:00 am and landing Cape May County Airport at 9:50 am.  Requested fly following from McGuire after take-off and climb up to 2500ft, then instructed to climb up to 3500ft to avoid some local jet traffic after handover to Atlantic City Air Traffic Control—reversed procedure on the way home.  A little windy, and I had a 25Kt headwind on the way home.

Hudson River SFRA

Barry/ May 21, 2018/ Aviation Activities/ 0 comments

NYC Flight Flying with a friend and my kids to have a NYC sightseeing, and then landed at Lincoln Park having a nice lunch meal. ATC communication is included for someone who is interested to how I have done it.